New Homes in Colorado Springs

New Homes in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs New Homes

Colorado Springs New Homes 
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See All New Townhomes, Condos, & Patio Homes In The MLS For Colorado Springs

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See All New Townhomes, Condos, & Patio Homes In The MLS For Monument and Palmer Lake

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Why Should Daniels Team Represent You in the Purchase of a New-Build Home?
Colorado Springs New Homes
To start with, it costs you NOTHING to have Daniels Team on your side. Most builders allow for the cost of a buyer’s agent in their overall marketing costs, and as such, don’t discount the home’s price when the buyer doesn’t use an agent. Some builders simply pay their sales rep more of a bonus if the buyer doesn’t use an agent, so it’s to the rep’s benefit to have you be unrepresented.
Remember that the sales person at the builder’s model is an employee of the builder, and not required to be a licensed Realtor. Since their paycheck comes from the builder at the end of the day, they will act in the best interest of the builder over your own.
Daniels Team has advanced knowledge of every builder and subdivision in Colorado Springs, Monument, and Fountain. As your New Home Specialist we will run sales comparisons in the area to make sure you are getting a fair price on the home. Daniels Team understands the growth of Colorado Springs and can help point out what is going on in different new home communities as well.  Your Daniels Team New Home Specialist can help you determine which upgrades, options, floor plans, and lots may work best for you for resale value. This is very important to your future investment in getting the most for your money.
Your Daniels Team New Home Specialist can advise you on whether the builder financing is really a good deal or whether you should seek an another financing source. Builder financing margins are built into the purchase price so the price you pay for the home is more than the home is worth.  Let us council you through this detailed process.

The Daniels Team will track the dates in the contract so your free time can be used for planning the move. Some builders can be a real handfull on meeting the contractual dates.  As experienced New Home Specialists we follow and help coordinate the contract all the way to closing.

Daniels Team reccomends you have a home inspection prior to closing. Just because the home is new doesn’t mean it won’t have problems as we have seen from experience. We have a list of certified inspectors we can provide and of course we are here to represent you through any neccessary inspection repairs.

Keep in mind that we take pride in creating Clients For Life.  For that reason we may be helping you SELL your home when that time comes, so we’ll be viewing your choices from that perspective which is to your long-term benefit. We will be an objective third party to council you through the entire process and best of all we will be there to share in your excitement of owning a brand new home!

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