United Van Lines has released their 39th Annual National Movers Study for 2015 which tracks their customers moving patterns for the year.  Here are some of the interesting notes from the study.

  • There has been a high outbound percentage of people moving from the Northeast for the 4th year in a row which is a sign of Baby Boomers moving to warmer weather climates for retirement.
  • Oregon was the number one state for inbound movers followed by South Carolina. 
  • The top inbound states of 2015 (in order) were:
    1. Oregon
    2. South Carolina
    3. Vermont
    4. Idaho
    5. North Carolina
    6. Florida
    7. Nevada
    8. District of Columbia
    9. Texas
    10. Washington
  • The top outbound states of 2015 (in order) were:
    1. New Jersey
    2. New York
    3. Illinois
    4. Connecticut
    5. Ohio
    6. Kansas
    7. Massachusetts
    8. West Virginia
    9. Mississippi
    10. Maryland
  • ​Colorado remained balanced in 2015.

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