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2008 Colorado Springs Parade of Homes

by Alan Daniels

Colorado Springs Homes For Sale | Real Estate


It's almost that time of year again!  I am already getting excited about the 2008 Parade of Homes in Colorado Springs. It is always fun to see how the latest new homes in Colorado Springs are designed. The unique architecture, landscaping, design touches, and communities showcased in the Parade tend to offer a good taste of what new home construction in Colorado Springs is all about for 2008.
Flying Horse and Banning Lewis Ranch are the two main sites to visit this year for the Parade of Homes.  There are a total of 29 new homes in the Parade with 11 of the homes over 1 million dollars. The Colorado Springs Parade of Homes runs from August 8 - 24 where tickets will run $10 each. The Parade of Homes will be open daily from 10AM – 6PM everyday. More details will be available in July!

Tips on Preparing a Home to Sell

by Alan Daniels

Colorado Springs Real Estate | Homes For Sale | Home Preperation 

Exterior Preparations -

  • Keep the lawn and bushes well manicured.
  • Make sure that home buyers can read your address easily.
  • Scrape and Paint any areas where paint is peeling.
  • Make sure that all doors, knobs and locks operate easily/properly for showings.
  • Keep the sidewalks cleared and resurface defective walks or drives.
  • Clean up exterior of home and declutter outdoor living spaces.
  • Repair / replace any loose or defective downspouts and gutters along with extensions.
  • Clean leaves and debris out of gutters.

 Interior Preparations -

  • Rearrange bedroom closets & kitchen cabinets to create a better feeling of space.
  • Clean Windows inside & out and leave window shades open for showings.
  • Repaint rooms with worn paint or loud colors.
  • Put away any items in the home that might be offensive to potential home buyers.
  • Put all valuable items away.
  • Declutter & Depersonalize the home (Think of a model home).
  • Patch any holes in the walls.
  • Fix any leaking plumbing fixtures.
  • Replace filters and clean your heating & A/C systems.
  • Replace any burned out light bulbs
  • Re-caulk tubs & showers if needed.

Colorado Springs Real Estate | Homes For Sale | Certified Pre-owned HomeThe next step to help sell your home faster and for more money would to make it a Certified Pre-Owned home which is offered exclusively through RE/MAX AdvantageContact us for more info on this cutting edge program!  Here are the major items that help accomplish incredible results in selling your Colorado Springs home.

  • Professional Home Inspection
  • Necessary Repairs
  • Furnace Serviced and Certified
  • Roof Certified
  • Home Warranty


Selling Your Colorado Springs home can be difficult but not impossible.  Things are looking up for selling a home in Colorado Springs based on the latest data.  The average supply of homes has dropped from 9.44 months to 8.82 months.  Definitely a positive trend after all of the negative real estate press.  Take a look at the charts below and compare the last 6 months (chart one) to the last 30 days (chart 2). 

Selling A Colorado Springs Home

Where does your home stand in the numbers?  It is important to get a CMA (Comparitive Market Analysis) to find your Colorado Springs Home Value.  Pricing your Colorado Springs home properly will allow you to sell it much quicker than what the average supply is showing.  You can get a complimentary CMA sent to your email at  This is the best place to get started when trying to make a decision to sell a home. 

Buying A Colorado Springs Home

If you are looking to buy a Colorado Springs home or build a new Colorado Springs home, take a look at the saturated markets.  Some homes are moving quicker than others!  What price range are you looking at and what is the months supply?  This will directly effect the amount you pay compared to the seller's asking price.  It is important to have an experienced Colorado Springs Realtor who understands all of the different variables going into purchasing Colorado Springs real estate.

Colorado Springs Real Estate - Selling a Colorado Springs Home



Flying Horse - Colorado Springs Real Estate

by Alan Daniels
The Flying Horse neighborhood can be found on the northern edge of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Just 45 minutes to Denver, this wonderful location is ideal for commuting to Colorado Springs Airport, Denver International Airport, and anywhere in between. Homes in Flying Horse surround one of the finest private clubs in all of Colorado Springs known as The Club at Flying Horse.
The Club at Flying Horse boasts an 18-hole golf course designed by the renowned master, Tom Weiskopf. The club also provides a top-notch Athletic Club and Spa where tennis, aquatics, fitness Training, cardio, free weights, yoga, Pilates, gymnasium, spa services, family & fine dining, private dining & meeting facilities, and much more. Enclaves, open spaces, pocket parks, and trails add even more recreation to the Flying Horse area.
Flying Horse Resources:
Flying Horse Schools: Academy School District 20
Flying Horse Neighborhoods:  The Villages of Solera, The Villages of Syrah, The Village of Calistoga, The Village of Sonoma, The Village of Saratoga, The Village of Toscano
     Flying Horse Community Map
Colorado Springs Real Estate - Flying Horse Homes For Sale

4 Reasons to Buy Colorado Springs Real Estate Now!

by Alan Daniels

Colorado Springs Real Estate

Many genuine home buyers are sitting on the sidelines these days deciding on when to get into the Colorado Springs real estate market.  In the end this decision will be based on many different variables depending on each person’s situation.  Here are 4 reasons why you may want to make a move on your choice of Colorado Springs homes right now.   

1) You can not time the bottom of the market.  Timing the bottom of the market is incredibly hard to do and often harder to resist.  Current housing inventory is at historical highs and mortgage rates are staying down, so you should definitely be able to find a great home with an experienced Colorado Springs Realtor.  You will find that many home sellers right now are pricing their homes very competitively!  The old supply and demand curve… more supply and less demand.  This curve is bound to shift sooner are later, so don’t be the one to wait for the seller’s market!  

2) Low mortgage rates.  Most economists agree that home financing will become more expensive in the future.  By now we have all heard our share of stories about financing woes even for well qualified people.  Currently, the 30 year loan is now roughly at 6.0% and most economists see it reaching 6.5% by the end of the year and up to a 7% forecast sometime in 2009.  Even if Colorado Springs real estate prices were to fall in the following months, the current interest rates end up saving money throughout the years of the loan.  

3) Don’t just by for a cheap price, buy in a good area.  Sure you might get excited about that great foreclosure price, but when you are buying a home, you are also buying the neighborhood.  If more than a few foreclosures have come up in one area, there most likely will be more.  They tend to be bunched in particular areas and this might not be the best recipe for stability in a neighborhood.  An old rule of thumb is to buy the worst house on the best block…not the worst house on a bad block.

4) Work with a great Colorado Springs Realtor that has experience and who can supply opportunities from the current market.  This I think just needs to be brought to attention since times are tough for many Realtors.  Make sure your Colorado Springs Realtor is not desperate and just steering you into a home to finally make a deal.  Sit down with your Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent to share your plans and get a good sense of whether they are looking out for you or just looking to get paid.  This market has opened up many opportunities that a great Colorado Springs real estate agent can share.

Some Entertaining Photos...

by Alan Daniels

Here are a couple of photos I thought were pretty entertaining!

This home might be a little difficult to sell...  Maybe they should neutralize the pink and it would be alright.


How do you get more showings?

Selling a home is all about getting enough showings.  Not that it would be a problem though...

FHA Loan Limits Increased!

by Alan Daniels
The FHA loan limits have been raised to $325,000.00 in El Paso County.  If you are buying a home in this price range this is great news, as all of the underwriting requirements for conventional loans have been tightening.  FHA is currently not credit score driven.  It is payment history driven.

Fed Meets for Drastic Interest Rate Drop!

by Alan Daniels

Interest Rates

The Fed met today and dropped the interest rate more than expected!  The half percentage point drop was double of what most economists were forecasting.  This is a definite step in the right direction to pull us out of the current housing slump, but no one knows for sure how the market will react.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the following months.  Inflation is less of a concern to the Fed now that it's pressure has eased allowing them to take such an aggressive stance. 

Colorado Springs Schools In Top 25

by Alan Daniels

Colorado Springs Schools

Relocate-America recently released their list of the top 25 cities to go to school for 2007. It does not surprise me that Colorado Springs made it under the top 25. There are many wonderful schools throughout all of the districts here. Their poll took into account the quality of the schools and choices in educational offerings for children. Relocate-America stated that their list was determined as follows; "Our list recognizes communities with strong support and spirit for their local schools, high parental involvement, strong academic achievement and performance, caring faculty and staff and successful extracurricular programs with opportunities for children to explore and excel in many areas of interest. We recognize a variety of school types, including public schools, private programs, Christian-based and specialized/vocational educational opportunities."

Cathedral Pines Neighborhood Information

by Alan Daniels
Cathedral Pines is an elegant community nestled in the beautiful ponderosa pines that Black Forest is known for. Enjoy the seclusion from the hustle and bustle, but enjoy being close to the necessities. Located just 2 miles east of highway 83, Cathedral Pines is a skip away from I-25 and many other conveniences. This part of Black Forest is truly breathtaking.

Cathedral Pines covers 810 acres with a limited number of lots totaling 158. Each lot ranges from 2.5 - 5 acres providing a nice cushion between properties. Cathedral Pines is a covenant protected community with beautiful custom homes that compliment the surroundings. Each property has an unparalleled view with access to 210 acres of parks and open space within Cathedral Pines. There is another 240 Acres parallel to Cathedral Pines with the neighboring Black Forest Regional Park, providing an incredible 450 acres of open space and trails. Enjoy over 8 miles of trails winding throughout the development and into Black Forest Regional Park. Many lots are adjacent to the open space and parks. Other lots in Cathedral Pines lack trees in a more than fair trade for incredible Pikes Peak and Front Range Views. Children living in Flying Horse will attend Academy School District 20.

The Club at Flying Horse is less than 4 miles away and provides a number of facilities and services as well as its private 18-hole golf course designed by the renowned master, Tom Weiskopf. If that is not enough make use of a top of the line athletic club, spa services, food and beverage services, and a complete business center in The Club at Flying Horse. Also take advantage of their professional concierge staff to free up time to enjoy everything Cathedral Pines has to offer.

Cathedral Pines has a wonderful Community Center that is available to all residents in the area for private and community functions. Many water features and ponds add to the fabulous ambiance of this community. If that is not enough, try dropping a line in one of Cathedral Pines stocked trout ponds.

Cathedral Pines is a truly exceptional community in Black Forest and is definitely worth taking a look at! Is Cathedral Pines the neighborhood for you?

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