15%-25% of all listings do not sell and are rejected by the market.  There are 4 key factors to look at for selling your Home in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas that will sell your home every time. 

  • Colorado Springs Home Values - Home Sales In Colorado SpringsLocation -  This factor makes a huge difference on any buyer choosing a home.  You will not be able to change the location but top Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents will be able to accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives with effective marketing. 
  • Condition - Is the property in move in ready condition or does it need improvement?  Many buyers expect the home to be move in ready unless they get a deal.  There is still plenty of inventory on market to be compared to your home.  Make sure to prepare your home for market and stage it properly.  A good Real Estate Agent will be able to advise you on the best home preparation items to do for the least amount of money and time.
  • Price - This is the number one reason a home does not sell and is rejected by the market.  Remember that you can control price and condition.  The wrong price attracts the wrong buyers and creates a bad reputation for the home on market.  It will also make competing homes look better.  Make sure your Realtor provides an accurate Market Analysis.  It takes a veteran real estate agent to know how to analyze Colorado Springs Home Values and home values for surrounding areas.
  • Marketing - This is the part your Realtor controls.  Are they doing everything they can to sell your home?  For Sale Sign, 24 hour information hotline, max photos and descriptions in MLS, syndication to dozens of websites, virtual tours, target marketing, feedback reports, featured listings, matching up buyers and much more.  Make sure you have the right agent marketing your home so you can get top dollar for location, condition and asking price. 

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