Are you getting ready to look at homes for sale in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas? This is a good time to choose which neighborhoods or areas you plan to buy in. Some of you may know exactly what areas you would like to live in. If you are not sure it will require some detailed research on areas and neighborhoods. Now is a good time to create a homebuyer checklist to rank priorities with community amenities you would like to have and those you must have. Take each area and neighborhood and weigh it against your priorities. Local amenities such as parks, trails, entertainment, shopping, hospitals, and other things that are important to your lifestyle should be considered in location. School locations and test scores should also be considered when looking at different areas. It is also recommended to research crime rates in and around the area by contacting the Colorado Springs Police Department and surrounding departments. This has been very helpful for many of my clients who have received information specific to the areas with detail down to the street and block. 
Next get out there and gain first-hand knowledge about each area’s access to transportation, and its proximity to schools, shopping and entertainment. Visit the area during peak commute hours to get a feel for traffic conditions and other related issues.
Remember that your Colorado Springs Realtor is your number one source for neighborhood and area information.   Your Real Estate Agent can set you up with a personal home search in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas and funnel the results down to your top areas. In addition to providing you with comparative market analysis data, a good Realtor can let you know how long home listings stay on the market, helping indicate a neighborhood’s desirability.  Your Realtor also is a neighborhood and area expert who can inform you on issues and amenities specific to the neighborhoods you're interested in, bringing to your attention matching neighborhoods you may not have known about or otherwise considered.
Neighborhood Evaluation Tools - Includes Colorado Springs, Monument, Fountain, ect.