Welcome back to our 3 part post of 15 Things Every Home Buyer Should Know Before Purchasing.  The first 5 things covered the benefits of home ownership so be sure to check that out.  Here are the next 5 things you should know when buying a home in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

  • 6.  Hiring a Buyer Agent - Hire a buyer agent early in the process to save you time, energy and Colorado Springs Homes For Salemoney.  A good Realtor in Colorado Springs will be able to show you any home on market including new construction options and most for sale by owner options.  How much does it cost you?  99% of the time there is no cost to the buyer for hiring a buyer agent.   A good Real Estate Agent will be able to make you aware of every option on the market based on your needs saving you time and allowing you to find the very best option for your needs.  They will be able to negotiate from experience on home purchases and let you know what is typical in resale and new build markets.  Make sure to contact the best of Colorado Springs Realtors to get started.
  • 7.  Get Pre-Approved - Get pre-approved if you are not planning on paying cash to purchase a home.  A pre-approval letter will be provided at the very beginning for your Realtor to use as a negotiating tool when you submit an offer.  This letter will allow you to be almost as competitive as a cash buyer which will get you the best purchase price.  You will also know exactly how much you can afford, what your payments will look like, and what loan program is best for your particular situation.  Most Realtors will have a good list of preferred lenders they can share that provide top notch service and first class rates.  Just tell your Realtor about your plans and they can do a Loan Analysis and give you the best options.
  • 8.  Direct Access to MLS - Make sure you have direct access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Services).  There are even real estate agents that do not have access to the MLS.  They have to be a Realtor to access this system.  Make sure your Realtor has you setup to receive new listing updates 4 times per day, as these types of buyers are finding all of the best properties and deals available before most others know anything about them.  You will also want to have a supplemental search available that lets you manually search like a Realtor.  My two favorite home searches that meet this criteria are:
  • 9.  New Homes and Construction - Consult with your Realtor before sharing too much information with a builder.  The sales reps are the Agent to the builder and represent the builder's best interests.  Your Realtor will represent your best interests for Free and will provide expertise and consulting on every aspect.  The community, lot options, floor plans, recommended optional upgrades, forecasted resale value, negotiating terms, and incentives are just some of the things that a talented New Home Realtor in Colorado Springs will review.
  • 10.  For Sale By Owner Homes - Interested in for sale by owner (FSBO) properties?  Majority of these owners are willing to work with your Realtor because they are saving on the listing agent side by having the process completed professionally by the buyer agent, and most importantly your best interests are represented.  Experience is key here.  This is one of the most important transactions to be represented in because FSBO deals can get weird quick and you want to make sure your Realtor has backed up your side with the proper contract docs to protect you.  Tell your Realtor about any advertised FSBO properties you would like to see.  Your Realtor may even know of a couple that match your needs.  They will contact the owner and coordinate a showing from there.

Next blog post will cover the final 5 things a buyer should know before purchasing a home in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, so check back soon.