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Wolf Ranch Real Estate Stats for 2013

by Alan Daniels

Wolf Ranch Homes For Sale | Home ValuesA few people have asked me about the market stats in Wolf Ranch, so I thought it would be helpful to share with the rest of our readers. Here are the stats broken into single family and townhomes for 2013.

Wolf Ranch Homes (Single Family):

  • 103 Single Family Homes were listed for an average of $364,898 while they sold for an average of $363,322 with many of them paying seller concessions.
  • Average Days on Market was 111.
  • Average Sold Price Per SF was $103.654.
  • Single Family CMA Report (Click Link to Reference)

Wolf Ranch Townhomes:

  • 8 Townhomes Sold and were listed for an average of $204,590 while they sold for an average of $201,988 with many of them paying seller concessions.
  • Average Days on Market was 58.
  • Average Sold Price per SF was $144.316.
  • Townhome CMA Report (Click Link to Reference)

The local market continues to improve which should provide favorable stats in 2014.  Visit for a Market Snapshot that better matches your particular property and neighborhood.

Please Note: Stats were taken from the Local MLS and do not reflect every sale in the market.

Mortgage Rates Update - Increase 2nd Straight Week

by Alan Daniels

Colorado Springs Mortgage Interest RatesMany forecasts indicate a steady mortgage rate increase through the end of the year and rates have been on the move up for the second straight week.

Rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages averaged 4.33 percent with an average point of 0.7 for the week ending Feb. 20,  which is up from 4.28 percent last week and 3.56 percent a year ago, according to Freddie Mac.

Rates are still at historic lows but are forecasted to increase steadily moving forward which will effect your buying power on the amount of home you can afford.  Now may be the right time to make a move on selling your home and buying another to lock in the interest rate. 

Renting a home currently?  Rents have been on the rise and are likely to continue increasing.  Especially if interest rates go up.  You will be surprised how much home you can afford now for the rent you are paying.

No matter where you are in the planning stages we highly recommend discussing your plans further to help you make the best decision for you and your family.  Feel free to contact us anytime to put a plan together based on your unique situation.Colorado Springs Real Estate Planning

Here are some helpful resources to help with the planning stage:

  • Instant Home Value Analysis - Click here for an Instant Analysis on your home value to give you an idea of what you have to work with.
  • CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) - Click here for a more in depth Analysis that we will complete for you personally.  This is much more accurate analysis.
  • View Every Home On Market - Click here to see over 4,000 homes currently on market.  This resource is great to utilize to see what is available in your price range.

Does Staging Work to Sell Your Home?

by Alan Daniels

Top Colorado Springs RealtorsWe've taken a very close look at the benefits of home staging and have found that using the services of a Colorado Springs Staging Expert provides a huge leg up in the competition.  There has been growing competition in the Colorado Springs Real Estate market so it is definitely worth taking a look at.  I believe in the power of staging from seeing it in some of our listings, but here are some of the key stats to back it up.

  • ASP (Association of Home Staging Professionals) - 95% of ASP staged homes sell on average in a 11 days or less for 17% more.
  • 2013 Homegain Survey - Average ROI (Return on Investment) for staging is 4,590%.  This stat definitely is worth looking at.  Who wouldn't want that kind of return on their dollar?

Contact us to discuss the benefits of staging your particualar home if you are in the market to sell your home.

When Should You List Your Home?

by Alan Daniels

When should I list my home?  Home Sellers always ask this question so I figured I'd write a post on it.  Inventory is at an extreme low right now and home buyers are trying to find the right deal.  I highly recommend putting your home on market before the Spring and Summer rush to get the most from the lack of competition right now.  Here are some of the main reasons to list your home now.

  1. There are tons of buyers looking now with an extreme lack of inventory which means less competition.
  2. Interest rates are forecasted to increase by at least 1% by the end of this year which will effect how many buyers can afford your home and the amount of home you can afford on your next purchase.
  3. In the market to buy another home?  Many of my clients like the idea of selling their home with the least competition now while taking advantage of the increased inventory to purchase or build a home in the Spring/Summer.  Why not go this route to provide the most options?

It is very important to meet with a Top Colorado Springs Realtor to put the best plan together for your Family's particular situation so make sure to schedule an initial consultation to discuss a selling and/or buying plan that will work best for you.

Must Have Buyer Tools and Resources

by Alan Daniels

Colorado Springs Real Estate ToolsThe market has shifted and home buyers are trying to get a jump on the newest inventory of homes before they get snapped up.  Inventory is shrinking while buyer demand is remaining steady.  Now is the time to take advantage of the bottomed out market and low interest rates but you will need some help.  Here are some resources and tools that will get you into your perfect home. 


Our News 5 Appearance on NBC - Home Prices Are Up

by Alan Daniels

Here is the Video showing our appearance on News 5 this summer discussing the positive change in the Colorado Springs Real Estate market.  Some of their stats are off but it will give you an idea of what is going on in the market this year.  Thanks to our client Mark Stanforth for making an appearance on the spot!  Visit this link to see the real stats in the current market.

Why Your Home Did Not Sell and What to Do About It

by Alan Daniels

15%-25% of all listings do not sell and are rejected by the market.  There are 4 key factors to look at for selling your Home in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas that will sell your home every time. 

  • Colorado Springs Home Values - Home Sales In Colorado SpringsLocation -  This factor makes a huge difference on any buyer choosing a home.  You will not be able to change the location but top Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents will be able to accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives with effective marketing. 
  • Condition - Is the property in move in ready condition or does it need improvement?  Many buyers expect the home to be move in ready unless they get a deal.  There is still plenty of inventory on market to be compared to your home.  Make sure to prepare your home for market and stage it properly.  A good Real Estate Agent will be able to advise you on the best home preparation items to do for the least amount of money and time.
  • Price - This is the number one reason a home does not sell and is rejected by the market.  Remember that you can control price and condition.  The wrong price attracts the wrong buyers and creates a bad reputation for the home on market.  It will also make competing homes look better.  Make sure your Realtor provides an accurate Market Analysis.  It takes a veteran real estate agent to know how to analyze Colorado Springs Home Values and home values for surrounding areas.
  • Marketing - This is the part your Realtor controls.  Are they doing everything they can to sell your home?  For Sale Sign, 24 hour information hotline, max photos and descriptions in MLS, syndication to dozens of websites, virtual tours, target marketing, feedback reports, featured listings, matching up buyers and much more.  Make sure you have the right agent marketing your home so you can get top dollar for location, condition and asking price. 

Contact us if you would like an accurate market analysis, staging/home preparation plan, and marketing plan.

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