When should I list my home?  Home Sellers always ask this question so I figured I'd write a post on it.  Inventory is at an extreme low right now and home buyers are trying to find the right deal.  I highly recommend putting your home on market before the Spring and Summer rush to get the most from the lack of competition right now.  Here are some of the main reasons to list your home now.

  1. There are tons of buyers looking now with an extreme lack of inventory which means less competition.
  2. Interest rates are forecasted to increase by at least 1% by the end of this year which will effect how many buyers can afford your home and the amount of home you can afford on your next purchase.
  3. In the market to buy another home?  Many of my clients like the idea of selling their home with the least competition now while taking advantage of the increased inventory to purchase or build a home in the Spring/Summer.  Why not go this route to provide the most options?

It is very important to meet with a Top Colorado Springs Realtor to put the best plan together for your Family's particular situation so make sure to schedule an initial consultation to discuss a selling and/or buying plan that will work best for you.