Colorado Springs Activities


Outside Magazine has just ranked Colorado Springs as the #1 city to live in for 2009.  The main factors considered were cultural vibrancy, economic well-being, and overall quality of life from the 100 most populated cities in America.  When taking into account cost of living, unemployment, nightlife, commute time, access to green spaces, population with college degrees, income level in relation to home prices, and weather Colorado Springs leads the pack.  Quality and proximity to biking, running, paddling, hiking, and skiing were also considered in the final rankings.  Checkout the article to find out more.   


The Runners Up:

10. Charlotte, North Carolina

9. Cincinnati, Ohio

8. Minneapolis, Minnesota

7. Portland, Oregon

6. Albuquerque, New Mexico

5. Boston, Massachusetts

4. Austin, Texas

3. Atlanta, Georgia

2. Seattle, Washington