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Government Suspends Waiting Period For Home "Flippers"!

by Alan Daniels

Homes in Colorado Springs | Investing in Real Estate

The Bush administration has temporarily suspended a rule that imposes a 90 day waiting period before government backed loans can be provided on foreclosure homes and other distressed properties.  This rule has been around for about 5 years,  and was put in place to deter property flipping schemes, where buyers are overcharged for foreclosures or other distressed properties.  The rule is being temporarily suspended to expedite the sale of foreclosures on the market and cut the supply of properties.

Beazer Homes is pulling out of Colorado!

by Alan Daniels
That's right, Beazer Homes is pulling out of Colorado! They were the eighth largest new home builder in the nation when they moved into the Colorado market in 2001. They have fallen on some tough times with a full investigation on mortgage fraud and over extending into different areas. Their stocks have dropped by 80 percent to less than $7.00 a share. Beazer Homes has said that they will pay all of their bills and honor all warranty obligations in the area. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee if they are not around in the future though. This is yet another reason on why an experienced Realtor can help advise you on New Home builders in Colorado Springs. A seasoned real estate agent has experience with all of the builders in town and usually gets a jump on issues like this. You can still find their Colorado Springs new homes in Claremont Ranch, Lowell, Soaring Eagles, Sweetwater Ridge, The Gables, and Wolf Ranch. There could be some good deals to come in order for them to move out quickly. Get with a Realtor to see if this would be the right move to meet your needs. 

Colorado Springs Real Estate At It's Best!

by Alan Daniels

The Daniels Team of RE/MAX Advantage offers a variety of real estate services in Colorado Springs that go beyond the ordinary!  If you are looking for homes in Colorado Springs or any other property we offer top notch buyer services.  The Daniels Team definitely stands apart from many in the real estate industry when selling a Colorado Springs home.  We have many systems in place that make relocating to Colorado Springs much easier than you think.  If you plan on investing in Colorado Springs Real Estate you found the right place.

Buying A Home In Colorado Springs- Contact us to schedule a free buyers consultation where we will map out the home buying process and create a buyer time-line to meet your real estate needs.  This map will ease the buying process no matter how many homes you have bought and sold.  The home buying map will provide the foundation to the whole process making the transaction a breeze.  The best part is this service is completely free, so Click Here to Schedule Your Free  Buyer Appointment Now or Call Us

Selling A Home In Colorado Springs- Contact us to schedule a free In-Home Presentation to find out how much your home is worth in Colorado Springs and how The Daniels Team will market your home.  We will provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) showing the market activity in your area with the detailed information you need to make an important decision.  The CMA report will have extensive information in it that is important for an expert Realtor to decipher and explain during a presentation.  Remember all real estate agents are not alike!  Click Here to Schedule Your Free In-Home Presentation now or Call Us. 

Relocating to Colorado Springs-  Contact us to as soon as possible to begin the coordination of your move.  We work with many buyers who are relocating to Colorado Springs and have some wonderful systems in place to make your move a breeze.  The sooner you contact us to get things going the better.  We will start you out with a Free Colorado Springs Relocation Package loaded with tons of helpful information on the area.  Once we have a time range to work with, we will create a relocation time-line that will ease the stress of your move so you can focus on the fun part...packing!  Click Here to Begin The Free & Easy Relocation Process or Call Us

Buying an Investment Property In Colorado Springs-  Contact us to schedule a free real estate investing consultation where we will create a investment plan to meet your particular needs.  There are definitley many options to choose from here.  Click Here to Schedule Your Real Estate Investing Appointment Now or Call Us

2008 Colorado Springs Parade of Homes

by Alan Daniels

Colorado Springs Homes For Sale | Real Estate


It's almost that time of year again!  I am already getting excited about the 2008 Parade of Homes in Colorado Springs. It is always fun to see how the latest new homes in Colorado Springs are designed. The unique architecture, landscaping, design touches, and communities showcased in the Parade tend to offer a good taste of what new home construction in Colorado Springs is all about for 2008.
Flying Horse and Banning Lewis Ranch are the two main sites to visit this year for the Parade of Homes.  There are a total of 29 new homes in the Parade with 11 of the homes over 1 million dollars. The Colorado Springs Parade of Homes runs from August 8 - 24 where tickets will run $10 each. The Parade of Homes will be open daily from 10AM – 6PM everyday. More details will be available in July!

Tips on Preparing a Home to Sell

by Alan Daniels

Colorado Springs Real Estate | Homes For Sale | Home Preperation 

Exterior Preparations -

  • Keep the lawn and bushes well manicured.
  • Make sure that home buyers can read your address easily.
  • Scrape and Paint any areas where paint is peeling.
  • Make sure that all doors, knobs and locks operate easily/properly for showings.
  • Keep the sidewalks cleared and resurface defective walks or drives.
  • Clean up exterior of home and declutter outdoor living spaces.
  • Repair / replace any loose or defective downspouts and gutters along with extensions.
  • Clean leaves and debris out of gutters.

 Interior Preparations -

  • Rearrange bedroom closets & kitchen cabinets to create a better feeling of space.
  • Clean Windows inside & out and leave window shades open for showings.
  • Repaint rooms with worn paint or loud colors.
  • Put away any items in the home that might be offensive to potential home buyers.
  • Put all valuable items away.
  • Declutter & Depersonalize the home (Think of a model home).
  • Patch any holes in the walls.
  • Fix any leaking plumbing fixtures.
  • Replace filters and clean your heating & A/C systems.
  • Replace any burned out light bulbs
  • Re-caulk tubs & showers if needed.

Colorado Springs Real Estate | Homes For Sale | Certified Pre-owned HomeThe next step to help sell your home faster and for more money would to make it a Certified Pre-Owned home which is offered exclusively through RE/MAX AdvantageContact us for more info on this cutting edge program!  Here are the major items that help accomplish incredible results in selling your Colorado Springs home.

  • Professional Home Inspection
  • Necessary Repairs
  • Furnace Serviced and Certified
  • Roof Certified
  • Home Warranty


Selling Your Colorado Springs home can be difficult but not impossible.  Things are looking up for selling a home in Colorado Springs based on the latest data.  The average supply of homes has dropped from 9.44 months to 8.82 months.  Definitely a positive trend after all of the negative real estate press.  Take a look at the charts below and compare the last 6 months (chart one) to the last 30 days (chart 2). 

Selling A Colorado Springs Home

Where does your home stand in the numbers?  It is important to get a CMA (Comparitive Market Analysis) to find your Colorado Springs Home Value.  Pricing your Colorado Springs home properly will allow you to sell it much quicker than what the average supply is showing.  You can get a complimentary CMA sent to your email at  This is the best place to get started when trying to make a decision to sell a home. 

Buying A Colorado Springs Home

If you are looking to buy a Colorado Springs home or build a new Colorado Springs home, take a look at the saturated markets.  Some homes are moving quicker than others!  What price range are you looking at and what is the months supply?  This will directly effect the amount you pay compared to the seller's asking price.  It is important to have an experienced Colorado Springs Realtor who understands all of the different variables going into purchasing Colorado Springs real estate.

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