Saddleback Ridge Condos

The Saddleback Ridge HOA has decided to sue one of the five partnered developers who told potential homeowners and real estate agents during construction that the complex would have a pool and clubhouse.  The complex was built in 2006 and now the homeowners are stuck with a broken promise.  The trial is scheduled for January 11, 2010 and the HOA wants the developer to stand by his promise or pay $500,000 plus default judgment previously awarded the HOA.  The HOA's attorney claims that each of the 96 condo owners has lost about $5,000 in value due to the lack of the promised pool and clubhouse.

This is a prime example of things that can happen with new construction in Colorado Springs and around the nation.  I have seen builders/developers promise parks, community landscaping, trails and much more while breaking their promises at the end of the day.  This can be a negative while looking for new homes in Colorado Springs.  This is why it is extremely important to work with a reputable Realtor in Colorado Springs who can communicate the things to look for in a new home community.  Most good Realtors have experienced or heard about these issues with particular builders/developers and are happy to share their experiences with you.